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Pedaleiro B.O.R Germany FB 557 FatBike

 Pedaleiro B.O.R Germany FB 557 FatBike
 Pedaleiro B.O.R Germany FB 557 FatBike
Fabricantes: B.O.R. Germany
Código do produto: Pedaleiro B.O.R Germany FB 557 FatBike
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Disponibilidade: 2 - 3 Days
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Pedaleiro B.O.R Germany FB 557 FatBike

Starting at 550 grams (30T, without bearing kit) the new 2015 “FB557-1X” is one of the lightest 1X Fatbike cranks on the market. It is designed for Fatbikes with a “Rear Dropout Spacing” (RDS) from 165 to 177 mm and combines all the technical innovations of the 2015er “XM557 platform”, with all the advantages of an easy-to-use single-chainset for Fatbikes. and the ultimative compatibility regarding bottom brackets.

The “XM557-1X” is the “XM557-Basic 170/177” as a “carrier” (490 g) combined with a mounted XX1 drive-train unit (from 60 g). This generated the complete, 30 mm spindle based “FB557-1X 170/177”.
With its XX1-compatible 76 mm bolt cycle diameter (like SRAM XX1) it provides easily replaceable 30T - 32T - 36T - 34T - 38T chainrings. They are lighter than other XX1-compatible rings and undergo a multi-stage, complex surface treatment that aims at high surface hardness and durability (Triple-Surface-Treatment).
The “FB557-1X 170/177” is the answer to SRAM’s “XX1 Fatbike” , RaceFaces “Next SL Fatbike 1x11” , E*Thirteen’s RDS “Fatbike Single”…
As Europe’s first fatbike crank manufacturer B.O.R Germany introduced its first prototype already in the end of 2012. Our very first version has now (09/2014) received its first revision, based on the B.O.R’s new XM557 platform. And, of course, available for 170RDS (Rear Dropout Spacing) and 190RDS.
The additionally integrated “Smart Drivetrain Concept” of B.O.R cranks allows for changing / mounting of 9 different transmission types (Spider+Chainrings). Thus B.O.R cranks are “PowerMeter-Ready” (SRM, Power2Max), as these powermeters can be integrated on a “Plug & Play” basis.
B.O.R cranks, currently only available as “XM557”, will be available from 2015 in three different weight, price and performance categorie


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